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Bridal Hairstyle Guide

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The style of your hair on your wedding day is a big decision for any bride, so we wanted to make it a little easier with our hair style guide; 3 top tips that will make chosing that one look for your big day that little bit simpler.

1. Your Everyday Hairstyle

It can be very hard not to get caught up in the rush of bridal hairstyles so our number one piece of advice is to not lose sight of your everyday look. If you are a really hair down girl, not overly styled, opting for the natural look, then have confidence to turn down a stylist’s advice of ‘a side up do is so in right now’ and roll with what you know. You can be more preened and considered in your styling but just the best version of you and not someone else!

2. Your Dress Design

Your wedding hairstyle can really be swayed by the type of dress you decide on. If you're having a trial run then our top tip would be to try and where the same style of top that your dress will be. For example if you are having a strapless dress then make sure you test your hair style out with your shoulders bare. A bit of fabric where it’s not going to be on the day can really change the look of an up or down do.

3. Your Bridesmaids

Keep your bridesmaids in mind when you are deciding on your do. If you’d like a really sleek updo because it suits you, or your dress, or your theme - or all three! - then make sure to include your bridesmaids. There will be many line up photographs and let’s face it, they’ll probably outnumber you! If you’re not so worried about consistency then don’t worry about it, however if you are, then don’t underestimate the effect of a hairstyle!


Holly Sophia Howard is a freelance writer who loves interior design, being by the sea and anything and everything to do with weddings.

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