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A Wedding Planner's Secret For a Successful Wedding

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A lot of people ask married couples what is the secret for a successful and happy marriage. Today we've asked a wedding planner from Cyprus what they believe is the secret for a successful wedding!


Expert wedding planner, Catherine Ioannou of Cyprus Glam Weddings shares her thoughts:

This day -the big day- is so important for each couple so a helping hand is definitely necessary to have the most memorable and happy day of your life! We believe that the secret to enjoying the successful, stress-free wedding of your dreams is this: professional help. If you want to limit your Big Day to just the one, all-important hitch then you definitely need a wedding planner!

However much you’re spending on your wedding, hiring a planner is always worth it. Whether you’re just looking for help on the day or the full start-to-finish package, your wedding planner is there to make sure it all runs smoothly, so that both the couple and the guests can enjoy a wonderful, stress-free event. If, for instance, your photographer is delayed, the DJ decks won’t work or the florist brings you the wrong flowers, your planner will always will be able to deal with it. 

As a wedding planner, we understand that the little things count also in a high degree and any wedding planner must ensure that every little detail, no matter how small, is handled with competency and calm. Due to the importance we give to each couple and all the little details, we are offer a uniquely personalised and bespoke approach to wedding planning with a creative twist. As a wedding planner, we have a unique and personalised approach to wedding planning, offering a bespoke service tailored to suit the bride’s and groom’s style and individuality. 

A wedding planner not just handles the organisation of a wedding; but also deals with every eventuality on the day. Sometimes it’s the guests who get out of hand, at others it’s the bride who will fall apart. You can get over-opinionated mother-in-laws, overenthusiastic groomsmen, overwhelming emotional breakdowns. Oh, and then sometimes it rains!

But even the weather can be managed, and as experienced wedding planners we always ask the caterers of any outdoor wedding to bring a couple of large tents on the day. It’s part of the service: we always have a long list of reliable caterers, florists, bakers, couturiers, make-up artists, jewellery designers etc. who know exactly how to deal with any eventuality. In the long-run, you’ll be saving money, mitigating potential disasters and ensuring that your wedding – whether you’re planning a quiet, intimate affair or a box-office smash – is a roaring success. 

What is our secret for delivering successful wedding events...? The love and passion for what we do: it’s all about making people very, very happy on the most important day of their lives!

Happy Planning!!!

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