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Our Guide to Thank You Cards

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You’ve planned your wedding and you’ve had the most magical day… You’ll have received lots of gifts – whatever they are – on the day or around your wedding and so now it is time to show your lovely guests just how much you appreciate their generosity.

Here’s our guide to how:

Include in Wedding Planning

It’s best to plan for and design your thank you cards before your wedding. You might not be able to order them as you might want to use photos from your wedding day, but it’s a good idea to plan for these along with everything else. A couple of reasons: Firstly, it’ll help with your budget and costs to consider these alongside choices for your actual wedding day. The last thing you need after you’ve signed off your last cheque (old school) is to uncover hidden costs. Secondly, you might run out of steam after the wedding. Some brides really enjoy having another project after the wedding day but still connected, but some prefer to have it sorted out beforehand.

Send within 3 Months

It’s thought as acceptable to send thank you cards up to a year after your wedding, however I think this is far too long a period of time. My advice would be to make sure you send your cards within 3 months. This way, the wedding is still in your guests’ mind, it shows you have taken the time to create nice cards but without looking like it was a last thought.

Thank them All!

Thank you cards don’t have to be limited to the guests and present givers. It’s a lovely way of showing your thanks to send anyone involved a thank you card. Parents of the wedding party who helped, choir members, caterers, vicars and more will all appreciate a card. It’s the ‘a little goes a long way’ scenario and as weddings are thoroughly happy occasions, people will just love receiving a final flutter of love from your big day!


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